OREANDA-NEWSIn his opinion, the dialogue between the two countries in the nuclear field is developing in a negative way. Moscow and Washington are "at a dangerous intersection," Gorbachev noted. Former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev believes that Russia and the United States need to urgently establish a dialogue on nuclear disarmament. He expressed this opinion in his column for the American newspaper Wall Street Journal.

The ex-president noted that he argued a lot on this issue with Margaret Thatcher. She insisted that nuclear weapons provided peace in the second half of the 20th century and that, if not for them, a third world war would have begun. “I asked her:“ Are you really comfortable sitting on a powder keg? ”I showed her a diagram in which nuclear arsenals accumulated in the world were schematically shown in hundreds of cells. One such cell, I said, is enough to destroy the human civilization as we know it. I could not convince Margaret Thatcher. Today we hear the same arguments, including in the United States and in Russia, ”Gorbachev stressed.

Most of all, shared the ex-president of the USSR, he is worried that nuclear weapons may work due to technical failure, human or computer error. The latter is particularly disturbing, since computer systems are used everywhere in the modern world and often fail. Supporters of the idea that nuclear weapons could save the world from a new war, Gorbachev advised to recall the 1962 Caribbean crisis. Then "the dispute about the deployment of Soviet nuclear weapons put the world on the brink of war."

According to Gorbachev, Moscow and Washington are at a dangerous intersection. “They should stop and think. Cold War veterans have their say. Now the word - and the matter - for the leaders of our countries ", - he concluded.