OREANDA-NEWS Siberia needs to be saved from fires. Signatures for such an appeal to the State Council of Russia are collected by activists of the Russian branch of Greenpeace.

Environmentalists demand that additional forces be sent to fight fire, tell residents about smoke and review the size of control zones - areas where wildfires are not eliminated due to the cost of extinguishing more than the estimated damage that a fire could inflict. The petition was signed by more than 87 thousand Russians.

According to the Rosbalt agency, the total area of ​​fires in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Irkutsk Region, Buryatia and Transbaikalia exceeded 1.5 million hectares, while the majority of fires are not extinguished. Smoke from the fires covered the cities of the western part of the region and reached the Urals and Kazakhstan.

According to the "national forecaster" Ilya Vinshtein on July 28, smoke is observed in the Kurgan region. Meanwhile, residents of the city of Kiselevsk in the Kemerovo Region created a detachment of volunteers to fight forest fires in Siberia. Activists are ready to go to the Krasnoyarsk Territory to extinguish fires and prevent, quote, "the great ecological catastrophe."