OREANDA-NEWS. International cyber security company Group-IB has detected more than 9.5 thousand fake voice messages about massive infection with the coronavirus COVID-19 in Moscow. They claim that the information attack is conducted through bots on the social network VKontakte and in instant messengers. The messages come to groups at kindergartens, schools and forums of mothers. Group-IB reported that they are looking for customers to attack and plan to transfer information to law enforcement agencies.

VKontakte told Kommersant newspaper that they contacted Group-IB to further study the company’s report. “Our moderation team constantly monitors and blocks users and networks of bots that organize mass mailings of the same type of information,” the press service said, noting that VKontakte limited access to misleading information.

Earlier, The Washington Post reported about 2 million false reports of coronavirus published on Twitter. The publication notes that Facebook, Google and Twitter have introduced redirecting users, seeking information about the outbreak of coronavirus, to authoritative sources. Facebook strives for banning messages that disseminate misinformation.