OREANDA-NEWS. Representatives of the Hazara community, led by Mohammad Karim Khalili, intend to return to the resumption of hostilities and the fight against the Taliban if the Taliban do not start to fulfill the promises they made after taking over the country. This was stated by the leader of the Shiite minority and former vice-president of Afghanistan, TASS reports.

The Khazar leader noted that the new government formed by the Taliban does not include all ethnic groups in the country. According to him, there is confidence that citizens of other nationalities will not tolerate this state of affairs and, together with the Hazaras, will return to war.

Khalili hopes that the international community, thanks to its pressure on the Taliban, will not allow it to impose its own rules and order on the population of the country, as well as to unleash a civil war. He noted that the militants should have learned from their rule in the 1990s and prevented tyranny.

Earlier, Mohammad Karim Khalili said that the escape from the country of former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani thwarted all agreements on national reconciliation with the Taliban. He accused the former leader of the country and his ministers of creating conditions for the Taliban to rule in Afghanistan. According to the politician, during his tenure as head of the Supreme Council, official Kabul and the Taliban leadership agreed to create a government that would recognize the rights of all ethnic groups.