OREANDA-NEWSRussia rose to 47th place in the rating of the attractiveness of the passports of the Swiss consulting company Henley & Partners. The quarterly rating is published on the company's website. According to the compilers of the rating, visa requirements reflect the status of the country within the global community. Thus, the absence of the need to obtain a visa allows you to more efficiently conduct business, maintain international contacts, use global investment opportunities and travel.

The leaders of the rating were Japan, Singapore and South Korea, whose residents can visit 189 countries without additional efforts. The second place went to Germany - 188 countries and territories are open to its citizens for unimpeded visits. Denmark, Italy, France, Finland and Sweden divided the third line.
Earlier, At the end of 2018: the third is Spain and France, and the fourth is the United States and the United Kingdom. It clarifies that the results of most European Union (EU) member countries have not changed since 2017.

Russia managed to climb one line up - last time, the experts placed it on the 48th place. For Russians, simplified or visa-free access is open to the territory of 118 states. It is noted that this happened not because of the actions of Russia itself, but due to a change in the visa-free regime of other countries. Now Russians can travel to 118 countries without visas.

Ukraine is in the ranking of 38th place (128 visa-free countries), and Kazakhstan - 66th (76 countries)

The Swiss company Henley & Partners, in collaboration with the International Air Transport Association (IATA), has been publishing the Passport Index, formerly known as the Visa Restrictions Index, since 2006.