OREANDA-NEWS. Lebanese authorities have taken into custody 16 people as part of an investigation into an explosion at a warehouse in the port of Beirut. It is known that the director of the port is among the detainees.

Judge Fadi Akiki said that 18 people have been interrogated within the framework of the case. The official added that the interrogated were people from the council of the port administration and the customs office, as well as those who carried out repair works in the hangar and stored explosives there.

During the night, in Beirut protests continued. The police used tear gas. The manifestants threw stones in response. Several demonstrators were wounded in the clashes.

The newspaper Orient-Le Jour, citing a source in the Lebanese Health Ministry, reported that the death toll had reached 149, the number of unidentified corpses is 20. More than 5 thousand people were injured. About 300 thousand were left homeless.