OREANDA-NEWS. The Danish government decided to unearth 4 million minks that were killed and buried due to the discovery of a mutated coronavirus in them, and then burn them. This was reported by Bloomberg agency.

It is noted that after burial at a military training ground in the west of the country as a result of the formation of gases during decomposition, the remains of minks began to rise to the surface of the earth. Local residents fear that this incident could lead to contamination of drinking water and a lake, located 200 meters from the site.

Thus, the Danish government decided to extract the remains of minks in order to burn them. This will happen in May of 2021.

Earlier, veterinarians recorded a new mutation of the coronavirus in minks, it could be transmitted to humans. Against the backdrop of a new threat, the cabinet of ministers of Denmark decided to destroy all the mink population on fur farms.