OREANDA-NEWS. The Danish government has decided to eradicate all minks on fur farms to prevent the spread of the mutated coronavirus after detecting cases of infection among these animals. This was announced on November 4 at a press conference at the Prime Minister’s Office.

“All minks in Denmark must be killed,” Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said. The politician attended the press conference online, as she is currently in self-isolation after meeting with Justice Minister Nick Haeckkerup, who has been diagnosed with coronavirus. According to Frederiksen, with a mutated infection found in minks that spreads to humans and weakens the ability to form antibodies, decisive action is needed. There are currently 12 registered people in whom the mutated virus was registered. The Prime Minister warns that it could spread not only in Denmark, but in the rest of the world.

The military and the Danish Emergency Management Agency will assist farmers in killing minks. According to preliminary calculations, reimbursement of losses to farmers will cost the state 2.3–2.8 billion Danish kronen (362–441 million US dollars).