OREANDA-NEWS. In Hong Kong, a 16-year-old activist was found guilty of rioting and arson during mass protests and sentenced to imprisonment in a colony for young criminals. The activist on Wednesday, March 3, pleaded guilty to throwing a molotov cocktail at police officers in 2019. He was 14 years old at the time of the act in November 2019.

This is the youngest activist convicted in the case of mass protests in Hong Kong in 2019. The court established a minimum term of imprisonment of one month. According to the law, the term for minors can not exceed 6 months. «The court must find a balance between the public interest and assistance for juvenile delinquents», Judge Ernest Lin said in announcing the verdict.

In the case of mass protests in Hong Kong in 2019, more than 10 thousand people were detained, 40% of them — schoolchildren and students. The Chinese authorities in June last year adopted a security law for Hong Kong, which allows for tough measures against any activities that, according to Beijing, threaten China's national security. Observers called this law the most gross encroachment by the Chinese authorities on the autonomous status of Hong Kong so far.

On the basis of this law, the police in Hong Kong on February 28 detained 47 well-known pro-democracy activists, including former deputies, scientists, lawyers and young activists. They are charged with conspiracy to overthrow the existing system.