OREANDA-NEWS  Hypersonic target missile designed for testing new weapons, is being developed in Russia, the completion of development work is scheduled for 2019, said in an interview General Director of research and production Association "Lightning" (part of the concern "Kalashnikov") Olga Sokolova.

"We decided not to stay and began to offer of the Ministry of defense different variants of development of target missiles, the creation of new samples since the industry potential adversaries are not standing still, and our "Armavir" from "Cut" may soon cease to satisfy the requirements of the military. Thus was born the rocket-target "Carnation". Now we are carrying out development work on this missile, which should be completed in 2019 with further arming and delivery to the Ministry of defense under new contracts. This is a hypersonic target missile, which is designed to test new weapons," Sokolova said.

In addition, she said, next year the ROC opens to create a parachute small-size target and within two years after the start of this work should be commissioned. "It is designed to train pilots of fighter and assault aircraft, as well as anti-aircraft artillery. It starts from the ground, simulates a torch from the nozzles of the aircraft, and its cost is relatively small," said Sokolova.

She said that now is used for this purpose missile target, which is launched from the aircraft that is extremely expensive and dangerous. "The plane after its shooting should quickly leave the affected area, as anti-aircraft guns begin to work on the target from the ground and can inadvertently touch the aircraft," explained the Director General of Zippers.

November, 8, reported that Russian attack helicopters finalized the results of the Syrian operation.   On-Board helicopter defense systems were modified to take into account climatic conditions and other factors.