OREANDA-NEWS. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Czech government has decided to close from October 22 all shops, except for grocery stores and those selling household goods. Service enterprises, such as hairdressing and beauty salons, will also stop working.

“Stores are being closed, except for those that have essential goods in their assortment. In shopping centers, only shops that sell food, disinfectants and household goods, as well as pharmacies will remain open,” Czech Health Minister Roman Prymula wrote on his Twitter page.

In addition, restrictions on the movement of citizens will be introduced. Travel to work and walks in parks in compliance with safety requirements, grocery shopping and visits to relatives are allowed.

On October 20, the Czech Republic registered a record increase in cases of coronavirus infection, 11,984 people fell ill. This is 3,907 more than on Monday.

Now there is a state of emergency in the country. Schools, colleges, universities, catering enterprises, cultural institutions are closed, sports competitions are stopped. Masks should be worn in all public places from October 21.