OREANDA-NEWS The federal highway R-255 is closed in the city of Tulun, Irkutsk Region, according to the website of the city administration.

As it was previously reported, at 04.00 on July 30 (23.00 Moscow time on July 29) the water level in the Iya River in Irkutsk Tulun exceeded the critical mark of seven meters by 210 centimeters. On Monday morning, evacuation of the population was announced in Tulun and in the region due to the threat of flooding.

“At 05.30 (00.30 by Moscow time), the federal highway was closed on July 30,” the message says.

At the end of June in the Irkutsk region flooding occurred. 25 people died, seven went missing. During the flood, 107 settlements were flooded, almost 11 thousand houses, 49 road sections, 22 bridges were destroyed and damaged, nearly 39 thousand people were injured. The elements caused the greatest damage to the cities of Nizhneudinsk and Tulun.