OREANDA-NEWS. On January 8, In Ukraine tough restrictions connected to the wide spread of coronavirus infection come into force. Lockdown will last until January 24. The government of the country also extended the emergency regime and national quarantine until February 28. Previously, these restrictions were in effect only until the end of 2020.

Among the main restrictions for the lockdown period are the closure of schools, collages and universities, a ban on public events and operation of markets. They do not affect kindergartens.

Lockdown in Ukraine also provides for a complete ban on the work of any entertainment and cultural institutions. Shopping centers will serve only customers who come to buy food, medicine, hygiene products, means of communication, gasoline and other fuels, as well as animal feed and medications. Cafes, bars and restaurants will be open for take-out, restrictions will also affect the work of restaurants in hotels.

Banks, post offices, car service stations, veterinary clinics, gasoline stations and hotels will operate during the lockdown.