OREANDA-NEWS. The Ministry of Defense of India informed about a clash with Chinese troops in the border region Ladakh.

According to the agency, this happened on the night of August 30. The armed conflict took place on the shores of Pangong Lake. According to Indian military, they “took steps to strengthen position and thwarted intentions of China to unilaterally change the state of affairs.” The number of victims of the conflict has not been specified. To resolve the situation, a meeting at the level of brigade commanders is held. The Ministry stressed that the Indian army is committed to peace, but intends to protect the country’s territorial integrity.

A new round of exacerbation in Ladakh began in June of the current year. Then China opened fire on the Indian military, claiming that they had illegally crossed the state border. Three people died during the firing, 17 soldiers died from wounds later. China blamed the Indian side for the incident.