OREANDA-NEWS. The underwater missile carrier “Knyaz Vladimir” and “Kazan” multi-purpose submarine, built according to the upgraded projects 955A and 885M, will be aimed at working in high Arctic latitudes under the ice of the Arctic ocean. This was announced on the eve of the Submariner Day by the Commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Nikolay Yevmenov.

According to Yevmenov, today the Northern Fleet submariners operate about ten different projects of nuclear submarines. New submarines “Borei” and “Yasen” will join the Russian Navy this autumn, after completing the tests.

“In the future, as new ships arrive and the out-of-service ships are decommissioned, unification will take place in a natural way and two-three projects of strategic and multi-purpose nuclear submarines will remain”, Admiral Evmenov said. “In 15-20 years modernized submarines “Borei” and “Yasen” will become basis of the submarine forces of the Northern Fleet.”

In the meantime, veteran divers of previous generations are successfully carrying out combat service. Moreover, these have a high modernization potential. “Last year”, the commander specified, “after repair and modernization, the strategic submarine cruiser “Tula” and the multipurpose nuclear submarine “Gepard” returned to the combat strength of the submarine forces of the fleet. They will keep serving Russia for more than ten years.”

Admiral Yevmenov also pointed out positive changes in the training of crews for nuclear submarines and diesel-electric submarines. In 2018, their training "reached its optimum level" - the intensity of going out to sea, the number of combat exercises completed and the general experience of crews increased.

The press-cutting service of the Northern Fleet, in confirmation of the words of Nikolay Yevmenov, recalled the significant and even record achievements of 2018. Among these are the shooting of four (in a row) “Bulava” intercontinental ballistic missiles from the White Sea to Kura polygon on Kamchatka. The exercise was performed by the crew of the submarine cruiser “Yuri Dolgoruky” under the command of Captain 1st Rank Vladimir Shirin.

Another example of this kind is the shooting of a multi-purpose nuclear submarine, which was located in one of the bays of the Kola Peninsula, at the Chizha polygon, Arkhangelsk region, with a high-precision cruise missile. This confirmed the possibility of using such missiles from nearly the nuclear-powered submarine’s base itself.

These and more than ten other achievements of Russian submariners are listed in the “Book of Records of the Armed Forces of Russia," the Northern Fleet press-cutting service says.