OREANDA-NEWS The terrorist group "Islamic State"  claimed responsibility for the explosion of a house and a bus in Magnitogorsk. This is reported by the organization SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors the activity of militants on the Internet.

The publication refers to the publication in the weekly newspaper terrorists Al Naba. The article does not provide details of the attack. The militants explained the long silence to those that feared for the safety of the staged explosion.

During the investigation of the tragedy, the Investigative Committee rejected the version of the attack. Bomb technicians repeatedly investigated the disassembled parts of a blockage and didn't find traces of explosives or their components. The main version of the incident was the explosion of domestic gas.

After the explosion in Magnitogorsk on social networks, Telegram-channels and the media spread a wave of fakes. So, in the first days after the tragedy, the network has shown footage of the collapse of the entrance on the Avenue of Karl Marx. Later this information was not confirmed. The video was captured Magnitogorsk, Astrakhan, where in 2012 it hit the entrance of the house on the street Ostrovsky. Then 11 people were killed.

In WhatsApp active distribution received audio recordings, which locals, referring to sources in the emergency services, claimed that the city should have two more explosions. Later, the Ukrainian prankster Evgeny Volnov published the exposé, saying that personally telephoned the relatives of the victims and threatened them with explosions.

"Novaya Gazeta" in a report from Magnitogorsk quoted a taxi driver who said that the explosion in the house was a terrorist attack, and his performer has already been found. The taxi driver showed to the journalist, "internal orientation to security officials" with information about the wanted citizen of Tajikistan Narimanova Damascone of Akabalieva, who rented an apartment in this house on the third floor. In the photo was depicted Nariman Namazov-the owner of the image Board "Dvach", known by the nickname Abu.

It is not he has become a "participant" in tragic events earlier. During a fire in Volgograd, which occurred in March 2018, anonymous of "Dvach" gave his employee Ostin, who, with his life saved from the fire of 30 children. Even Federal TV channels — in particular, the First-believed in this fake.

Terrorists often take responsibility for events in which law enforcement agencies find no signs of a terrorist attack. Thus, in the autumn of 2016, the official publication of the IG newspaper "NABA" published an article in which the terrorists took responsibility for the burning of a furniture factory in Losino-Petrovsky near Moscow. According to the authorities, it was an ordinary fire resulting from faulty wiring in the basement of the building. The statement of the IG gave rise to jokes on the Internet that " the lions of the Caliphate conducted the operation of ingimasia, without paying for public transport, which caused damage to the economy of the crusaders." Later, fake statements appeared in which jihadists allegedly confessed to stealing pork from a butcher shop or robbing an alcohol Department store.

The entrance of a house on Karl Marx Avenue in Magnitogorsk collapsed in the early morning of December 31. Victims of tragedy of a steel of 39 persons.