OREANDA-NEWS. Israeli scientists managed to identify antibodies that actively attack coronavirus in the body of infected people, this can be used to create a vaccine. It was reported by the portal i24, citing a statement by Defense Minister Naftali Bennett.

It is known that Bennett visited the secret laboratory of the Israel Institute for Biological Research, where he was shown how antibodies neutralize SARS CoV-2. “These are antibodies that specifically attack the virus and can neutralize it in the patient’s body,” the politician stated. According to him, patents are currently being registered, and commercial production will be launched in future. However, he did not specify the time frame for the appearance of the vaccine.

Research results received by Israeli scientists are published in the journal Nature Communications.

Earlier, the Dutch scientists also said that they identified antibodies that can fight the new virus. In total, about 100 research groups all over the world are working on a vaccine.