OREANDA-NEWS. Japanese pharmaceutical company “Takeda” stops supplying Russia with three essential medicines, Atenolol, Amitriptyline, and Metronidazole. This notice was sent to the Federal Service for the Supervision of Health and health market participants.

Since April, the pharmaceutical company “Takeda” from Japan is stopping supplies of three essential medicine to Russia from the list of life-saving drugs, says the notice sent by “Takeda” to the Federal Service for the Supervision of Health and Health Market Participants.

Among the drugs listed there are Atenolol Nycomed cardiovascular pills, which occupied 60% of Russian market, Amitriptyline Nycomed, an antidepressant (40% of the market), and Metronidazole Nycomed, an antibacterial drug (2% of the market).

“The decision to stop the supply of these medicines is due to the global revision of the company's product portfolio, as well as the need to re-equip the manufacture for the production of these medicines,” says the notice, which Russian media paid attention to.

Earlier it was reported that in Russian pharmacies there was lack of a popular anti-arrhythmia drug Cordaron (“Sanofi”). Then the manufacturer promised that the supply of the drug will fully resume in the end of March. Experts interviewed by Russian media have suggested that the drug is in the process of re-registration. At least Cordaron has analogs, they are available in Russian pharmacies.

On December 10, 2018, the Russian government approved the “List of Vital and Essential Drugs” for 2019, expanding it from 699 to 735 items. The list has shown a large number of drugs not procured by the state. This was done in order to control the selling prices for these medicines, market participants say.