OREANDA-NEWS. Japanese authorities began to pay each resident of the country a benefit of 100 thousand yens (about 930 US dollars).

This was announced on May 26 by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, Sanae Takaichi. “The payment of benefits began in 1,388 municipalities of the country, which is about 79.7 % of their total number,” she clarified.

At the end of April, Japan approved an additional budget of 25.6 trillion yens (237 billion dollars) for the current fiscal year (which started on April 1) in order to support the country’s economy in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. The funds for the payment of benefits are taken from this amount.

According to recent data, the number of people infected with a new type of coronavirus in Japan, including passengers and the crew of the cruise ship Diamond Princess, exceeds 17.3 thousand. More than 860 people died. Over 14 thousand patients recovered.