OREANDA-NEWS Governor of the Kransoyar region, Alexander Uss, told about what actions the regional authorities are taking to extinguish forest fires. The corresponding question he was asked at a meeting of the student discussion club "Dialogue on an equal" at the youth forum "Biryusa-2019".

According to him, forest areas are divided into zones of control, where fires "by definition are not extinguished" and protection zones, which protect them from fire. Uss attributed to the control zone the northern territories of the region, where fires occur regularly due to thunderstorms, during which lightning strikes trees. According to Uss, this happened both 100 and 500 years ago.

The governor also stressed that the fire areas in the control zone in the region in 2019 are comparable to last year’s. At the same time, only small fires are observed in the protection zone, there is no danger to people's lives. The governor explained the high level of smoke in Krasnoyarsk by unfavorable weather conditions - the north wind. He also added that in the next year or two, it will be necessary to change the attitude to fighting fires in forests, since production activity is developing nearby and the fire can damage the oil workers' towers.