OREANDA-NEWSAt the first “Norman summit” in three years and the first meeting of Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky, the parties managed to voice their approaches. It wasn't possible to coordinate them, for this there will be new negotiations, said a representative of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, a Russian media correspondent reports. Peskov confirmed that at a meeting between Putin and Zelensky, topics related to the settlement of the gas dispute between Moscow and Kiev were discussed.

Peskov noted that during the negotiations, the participants constantly expressed disagreement with certain formulations. The Russian delegation stated that it did not agree with the term “occupied territories”. “Putin does not agree with this formulation, but it is used. This is the working situation in the negotiations”, Peskov explained.

The Kremlin does not exclude the possibility of changing the Normandy format, which Vladimir Zelensky talked about, however“, changing the format without coordination with all participants is impossible and it's unlikely that this can be done”, Peskov noted. At the “Norman negotiations”, most of the questions concerned the position of the self-proclaimed republics, which were not represented at the negotiations.