OREANDA-NEWS. Kremlin don't agree with the statements of President Alexander Lukashenko about “twisting hands” of Belarus, Russia don't impose any sanctions, press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov told reporters. “We cannot agree with Alexander Grigorievich (Lukashenko). Russia does not impose any sanctions,” commented Peskov on Thursday.

Early, Lukashenka said that in Russia they "became impudent to such an extent that they begin to twist our arms." He said that if necessary, the government of the republic should close the oil pipelines and oil product pipelines in the country for repair, despite the Russian transit. 

On Wednesday, the Russian Agricultural Supervision Authority announced that from April 12, temporary restrictions were imposed on the supply of apples and pears from Belarus to Russia. The department made a decision due to the fact that fruit and vegetable products with an unidentified phytosanitary status and falsified phytosanitary certificates continue to be received from Belarus in Belarus. Russian Agricultural Supervision did not exclude the introduction of a ban on the import into Russia of champignons and strawberries from Belarus.

Earlier, the Press Secretary already said that Moscow is a supporter of a conversation with Minsk in an ally tone, but they also treat emotional manifestations with understanding.

“Certainly, we are still supporters of a tonality that better fits the allied nature of our relations. Although sometimes we treat with understanding, let's say, emotional remarks, also proceeding from the very special, very close and friendly nature of our bilateral relations” - said Peskov to journalists, answering the question whether the Kremlin is satisfied with the level of discussion and tone on the Belarusian side.