OREANDA-NEWSThe statement of Karina Tsurkan, an ex-member of the Inter RAO board of directors accused of espionage, through the Russian media, who called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to intervene in her case, will be reported to the head of state. This was reported to reporters by the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov.

“This appeal was published in the media, the president’s interference in the investigative actions is impossible, he never does, but at the same time it will go into the digest and will be reported to the president”, Peskov said.

In an interview with the media, Turcan turned to Putin for help. “I really ask the president of the country to give me the opportunity to prove my innocence and do it with the participation of an independent investigation. I can’t ask anyone else for help”, she said.

The top manager of Inter RAO was arrested in June 2018. According to investigators, she became an agent of Moldovan intelligence in 2004. In particular, according to Turcan, she is accused of transferring to the Moldovan Information and Security Service the content of classified letters of the Ministry of Energy.

Earlier, Russian media sources said that Turcan was accused of transmitting information about negotiations on organizing electricity supplies to the Crimea and the LPR to foreign intelligence services.