OREANDA-NEWS The most sought-after professions in Russia in 2019 were the cashier, cook, professional education teacher and lawyer. This follows from the report of the All-Russian Research Institute of the Ministry of Labor. According to experts, working specialties are still needed in Russia. At the same time, analysts note a certain disproportion in terms of supply and demand of labor. 

All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Labor published a list of the most popular professions in Russia in 2019. The top three included a sales clerk, cook and teacher of vocational training. And a lawyer, social work specialist, procurement specialist, additional education teacher, nurse, clerk, accountant and defectologist are in the top-ten. 

As it is noted, the study is based on surveys conducted among Russian organizations. 26.9 thousand different institutions from all regions of Russia took part in them. The adjusted list includes 1075 professions. 

The demand for professions was determined by such factors as staff turnover, expansion of production and receipt of new orders, as well as modernization of production, the introduction of new technologies and the development of new products.