OREANDA-NEWS. Lithuanian Ambassador to Russia will be recalled due to "vulnerability". He was granted the status of a special witness in case of abuse of influence when issuing Schengen visas. It is also reported that the ambassador was threatened after being convicted in the January 13th case.

The Lithuanian side said that the ambassador to Russia Remigius Motuzas will be recalled for consultations, because he becomes "vulnerable" because of threats after the court decision on the "January 13 case" and the investigation of the corruption scandal case when issuing visas to the former post. The ministry stressed that the Ambassador is better not to be in Russia for any time.

There is a great responsibility on the ambassador to bear responsibility, with such accusations he cannot continue his usual activities. The Lithuanian Foreign Minister also noted that the situation with Motuzas is complicated by his special witness status, whom he appointed in the event of the illegal issuance of Schengen visas to the co-owner of the New Industrial Bank Rinat Nasyrov. and his son.

President Dalia Grybauskaite stressed that because of his status, Motuzas he was discrediting the diplomatic institution itself. This means that a person who has the status of a special witness may be associated with a crime, but there are no sufficient grounds for serious suspicion of him.

Recall, former diplomat Rimantas Sidlauskas, a citizen of the Russian Federation, banker Rinat Nasyrov and businessman Albinas Belyauskas are in Lithuania in Lithuania. According to the lawyer, he participated in unauthorized operations with the issuance of a visa. However, the ambassador notes that he was called and asked if the letter was received, and there was no other action.