OREANDA-NEWS. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko promised to make public new high-profile facts in the criminal case on the preparation of a coup, noting that people would be "horrified" by what they saw.

Sputnik Belarus quoted Lukashenko as saying on May 7: “What you, journalists and security officers, carried out these operations and showed people - flowers. The berry has not yet been shown. But we will show it, and you will be horrified by what you see ".

The head of state noted that people who are not deeply immersed in the situation and do not understand these processes do not take the detainees seriously and ask the question: "Some philosophers, old people - how could they have done something?"

The President of Belarus said: "But we know who was planning to do this, and we will show you who is the performer. And I emphasize once again: you will simply be horrified by this."

According to him, the foreign special services were surprised at what a serious operation their Belarusian colleagues were able to carry out. “The Russians said that this happens once in the life of the special services, in order to uncover such a conspiracy far on the outskirts. Nobody was engaged in fakes: we show concrete facts,” Lukashenko said.

In this case, the most important thing, according to him, is that the persons involved in the criminal case give confessions.