OREANDA-NEWS Almost half of all teachers of mathematics and Informatics, who took part in the study of Rosobrnadzor, did not cope with the tasks in their subject. This information said the Ministry in a statement. It was known after it conducted voluntary testing of 22 thousand teachers in various subjects in 67 regions of Russia.

"In such subject areas as "Mathematics and Informatics" and "Fundamentals of spiritual and moral culture of the peoples of Russia", failed to work almost half of the study",-said in a statement Rosobrnadzor. Almost a quarter of teachers received unsatisfactory assessments of their professional suitability in such subjects as Economics, "Russia in the world", Russian language and literature. The highest level of training was demonstrated by teachers of the native language and native literature, as well as teachers of "Social Science" and "Law".

Teachers were evaluated in a test mode and on a voluntary basis, everyone could join the study, previously reported Rosobrnadzor. The results are processed anonymously and will not affect the work of the study participants and schools. Competence assessment was carried out on the basis of unified Federal assessment materials (EFOM), developed by order of the Ministry of education and science (in May 2018, the government divided it into two departments — the Ministry of education and the Ministry of science and higher education). They provide not only a test of knowledge on the subject, but also the ability to solve methodological problems, as well as to evaluate the work of students. It involves the study and collection of teachers ' opinions about the content of the diagnostic work.

"An objective assessment is better than a high and detached from reality," said the head of Rosobrnadzor Sergey Kravtsov. According to him, the Supervisory authority will now have to "calmly analyze" the results, understand how to help the teacher, and make "appropriate conclusions for the system of pedagogical education and training."