OREANDA-NEWS. As TASS was told in the press service of the Gemotest laboratory network, the company applied to law enforcement agencies in connection with the massive falsification of certificates from the Gemotest laboratory on the results of tests for coronavirus infection.

According to the press service of the company, on all such facts, the security service of our company initiated an appeal to law enforcement agencies in order to suppress the illegal activities of fraudulent resources, as well as to recover from the domain owners compensation for the reputational damage caused to the Gemotest laboratory.

According to Sergey Shumarov, administrative director of Gemotest, the company has a procedure for verifying information and incidents. He explained that when the first reports of fake certificates arrived, the company's specialists, together with employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, carried out test purchases on sites that distribute fakes. The couriers who delivered the fake certificates were transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for further clarification of all the circumstances.

The company clarified that a special functionality on the official website allows you to check the data on the analyzes done. Thus, it is possible to check the certificate for authenticity, and any analysis made in the laboratory for the presence of coronavirus is automatically accompanied by a certificate sent to the patient's email address along with the research results.

The company discovered the first fake certificates back in mid-April. After cases of forgery of certificates, a system for verifying test results was introduced. Since May 26, patients who have been tested for infection began to receive a standard form of results and a certificate with a unique QR code by e-mail. A certificate is issued to each patient in two languages: Russian and English.