OREANDA-NEWSThe head of the political council of the Ukrainian Opposition Platform - For Life, Viktor Medvedchuk, supports the restoration of economic ties between Kiev and Moscow, otherwise, in his opinion, the situation in the Ukrainian economy will continue to deteriorate, the news agency reports.

As Medvedchuk stated in an interview with the agency, if the economic ties between neighboring countries broken as a result of the sanctions are restored, then billions of dollars from the Russian Federation will flow into the Ukrainian economy. “We do not say that we should kiss and hug each other again. We are talking about restoring pragmatic economic relations,” Medvedchuk said. According to the agency, according to Medvedchuk, Ukraine "lost 20 billion dollars a year in exports" after deterioration of relations with the Russian Federation.

Earlier in an interview with the Financial Times, Medvedchuk said that Ukraine had lost $ 20 billion in export potential with the withdrawal of Russian investments. “If we do not do this (we don’t go to rapprochement with Moscow - ed.) And continue this anti-Russian policy and hysteria, our economic life will worsen even more,” added Medvedchuk. 

Earlier it was reported, that Moscow imposed a ban on the import from Ukraine of certain types of products in such industries as engineering, light industry, metalworking, pipe manufacturing, as well as the production of paper, cardboard, clothing and shoes. In addition, from the beginning of June, Russia will supply coal, gasoline and diesel fuel to Ukraine only under certain permits. Deliveries of oil, ethane, butane, bitumen, ethylene, propylene, from Russia to the Ukrainian territory are completely banned.

In Ukraine, in February 2014, a coup d'état took place, the new authorities set their sights on developing relations with the EU and curtailing economic ties with the Russian Federation.