OREANDA-NEWS. From November 2 to at least December in Germany, “limited quarantine” will be introduced due to the wide spread of coronavirus infection, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

After a meeting with the heads of the federal states, an agreement was reached to strengthen anti-epidemiological measures in Germany. Theaters, cinemas, fitness centers, beauty salons, hotels and public catering enterprises will be closed in the country from November 2. Schools and kindergartens will continue to operate with precautions. In two weeks, the authorities will analyze the effectiveness of the measures taken and, if necessary, correct them.

“We have made a decision to reduce personal contacts. This means that staying outside home is allowed from November 2 only with the participation of members of one’s own and one more household, with a maximum of ten people. The number of participants in meetings in apartments, private parties will be controlled more tightly,” Merkel said.

The Chancellor stressed that the coronavirus has been spreading at a very high rate in recent weeks. At this rate, the possibilities of the German healthcare system will be exhausted in few weeks.