OREANDA-NEWS. The Russian government has approved the requirements for the minimum level of knowledge of the Russian language, history and fundamentals of Russian legislation for foreign workers. The document was published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

According to the new requirements, migrants must speak freely on social and everyday life and some professional topics. In particular, this applies to hiring, consultations in the hospital and contacting the police. They were also obliged to be able to fill out the necessary documents and applications needed in these cases.

When passing the exam on the history of Russia, applicants from abroad are tested for their knowledge of key country's events, the names of major cities and major public holidays. In addition, they should familiarize themselves with their basic rights, freedoms and obligations while staying in the Russian Federation.

These requirements, with some exceptions, also apply to those who only plan to temporarily live in Russia.

Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs demanded that illegal migrants from the CIS countries leave the territory of the Russian Federation by June 15, 2021.