OREANDA-NEWS The ammunition storage area in Dzhankoi, Crimea was subjected to a sabotage attack, Russia's Defense Ministry has announced.The military said that the attack resulted in damage to a number of civilian infrastructure nearby, including power lines, an electrical substation, railway tracks, and several residential buildings.Earlier in the day, the MoD indicated that a fire broke out on the territory of the ammunition storage site at about 6:15 am local time, causing a detonation in which two people were injured. Crimean Health Minister Konstantin Skorupskiy said one of the victims had been operated on and was recovering after receiving a shrapnel wound to the leg. A second was released from hospital after getting outpatient care.

The emergency led to problems with local logistics, with Crimea head Sergei Aksyonov saying passenger trains traveling through the area would be stopped and their passengers transferred to buses to ensure safety. He added that the damaged portion of railway tracks in the area have already been repaired, with movement of trains to resume after it is deemed safe.Parts of northern Crimea have been on a heightened terror threat level for months in light of the danger of terror, sabotage and diversionary attacks by the Ukrainian military, nationalist fighters or their sympathizers.

Ukrainian presidential advisor Mikhail Podolyak gloated about the explosions at Dzhankoi and hinted Kiev's involvement in the sabotage on Twitter, suggesting that "Crimea of [a] normal country is about the Black Sea, mountains, recreation and tourism, but Crimea occupied by Russians is about warehouses explosions and high risk of death for invaders and thieves. Demilitarization in action."The majority ethnic Russian Black and Azov Sea peninsula peacefully broke off from Ukraine and rejoined Russia in March 2014 following a referendum. The referendum was organized in the aftermath of a US and EU-sponsored coup d'etat in Kiev in February of that year, which brought radical nationalist forces to power which sought to break off ties with Russia and drag the country into the EU and NATO.