OREANDA-NEWS Economic arguments should not affect the extinguishing of forest fires if there is a danger to people, said Alexander Chupriyan, the first deputy head of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. 

“It seems to me that here are no economic arguments that can influence the receipt of assistance,” said Chupriyan. The Deputy Head of the Emergencies Ministry noted that the agency will strengthen the grouping to extinguish forest fires in Siberia, since the current forces and means are not enough.

To recall, Krasnoyarsk Governor Alexander Uss said that it is now meaningless to extinguish forest fires and "even somewhere harmful."

Today, in three regions an emergency mode is set. Earlier today, the network has spread a video from the meeting of the governor with students of the Siberian Federal University. The head of the region noted that forest fires are a common natural phenomenon. “Does it ever occur to anyone to sink an iceberg so that we have a warmer weather?” the official said. These words are still uncommented.