OREANDA-NEWS The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia wants to get the right to suspend the work of such social facilities as kindergartens, hospitals and schools for repeated fire safety violations that threaten life and health, as the director of the Department of Supervision and Prevention work of the Ministry of Emergencies Rinat Yenikeev said. He added the Ministry wants that right to be in the new Code of Administrative Offenses.

They want to suspend the work of the facilities for repeated offenses. Because today there is a right of suspension for the third time only for repeated failure to comply with the order. And the Ministry officials would still like, for repeated non-execution, offenses that infringe on the life and health of people, Yenikeyev said.

According to him, the district court should have the right to order the suspension of the activities of facilities only which are classified as extremely high, high and significant risk categories, and to do it on the proposal of the inspector, he added. These facilities include, for example, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, shopping centers with a capacity of more than 1,500 people.