OREANDA-NEWS The most common cancer in 2018 was skin cancer - 78.5 thousand cases. RT reports about it with reference to the data of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

On the second line - breast cancer (70.3 thousand cases), on the third - trachea, bronchus and lung cancer (55.7 thousand). The prostate tumor was registered in 41.5 thousand cases, the colon - 40.1 thousand.

Less commonly, doctors diagnosed cancer of the bone and articular cartilage (1.3 thousand cases), lip cancer (2.2 thousand), connective and other soft tissue cancer (3.5 thousand), as well as pharynx cancer (5.6 thousand) and cancer of the liver and intrahepatic ducts (6.3 thousand).

The International Agency for the Study of Cancer for 2018 provides the following preliminary data: 18,078,957 people have become ill with malignant tumors in the world. According to the same estimates, in the year 2018, 9,555,027 people died of cancer in the world. According to the number of cases, both sick and dead, lung cancer ranks first, with 2,093,876 people ill in 2018, and 1,761,007 people died.