OREANDA-NEWS. The Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation Konstantin Chuichenko made a proposal to abandon paper certificates from the registry office and replace them with a corresponding entry in the register, and issue extracts from it upon request. His words, spoken at the meeting of the president of the country with the government, are quoted by RIA Novosti.

Chuichenko recalled that since this year, certificates of state registration of acts of civil status have been excluded from the list of documents for personal storage and provision for state services.

In this regard, he proposed to end the mandatory issuance of paper certificates of birth, death, marriage, divorce and other documents issued by the registry office. Instead, information about the civil status of Russians, at the suggestion of the head of the Ministry of Justice, will be recorded in the register, and a person will be able to quickly receive an extract from it in electronic or paper form at any time.

The statement, according to the idea, can be obtained through the portal of state services or by personal contact with the registry office. Chuichenko recalled that this is applied when registering rights to real estate. Among the reasons Chuichenko pointed to budget savings.

To implement the idea, it will be necessary to amend many laws, including the Civil, Family and Tax Codes of the Russian Federation, the minister added. According to him, such a registry model can start working from 2023.