OREANDA-NEWS The head of the Ministry of Labor, Maxim Topilin, approved a new list of professions that prohibit women from working. In the list - a hundred items, in the former list it was almost 4.5 times more

The document will enter into force on January 1, 2021. 

Among the positions with harmful or dangerous working conditions, on which women's labor is limited, there are some areas of chemical production, underground and mining, metalworking, non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy. 

In addition, the list includes work during well drilling, oil and gas production, in radio engineering and electronic production, as well as in the manufacture, repair and maintenance of aircraft. Shipbuilding and ship repair, pulp and paper production and printing are not recognized as women professions. 

Female labor will be partially limited in rail transport, in the textile and food industries, also in moving gravity manually, caring for certain types of farm animals, cleaning and repairing sewers.