OREANDA-NEWS. The press secretary of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Anatoly Glaz, in response to the G7's call to hold new elections in the republic, said that Minsk itself would decide when and what election campaigns to hold.

Earlier, the G7 adopted a communique, in which, among other things, it calls on the Belarusian authorities to release political prisoners and hold new elections under international observation.

Anatoly Glaz told RIA Novosti on Thursday: “And about direct pressure regarding the conduct of electoral campaigns in our country. As an educational program to the authors, we note that any interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states contradicts the fundamental norms and principles of international law. We are a sovereign state, so we ourselves will decide when and what electoral campaigns to conduct in our country ".

He stressed that for this Belarus "does not need any calls, prodding or instructions from the outside."

"As another educational program, let me remind you that all elections in our country were held under international supervision. Well, if some international structures were unable to organize their work, having our invitation, then there is no need to try to shift the blame," added Glaz, referring to the August presidential elections, which were not attended by OSCE observers.