OREANDA-NEWS. During the third phase of trials, mRNA-1273, a vaccine against COVID-19, developed by the American company Moderna, showed effectiveness of about 94.5 %. This was announced by the company, citing data from experts from the Data Security Monitoring Board, controlled by the National Institutes of Health.

The report of Moderna emphasizes that during the trials, in which more than 30 thousand people took part in the United States, only 95 people were infected with COVID-19 at an intermediate stage. At the same time, 90 cases fell on the control group, whose representatives were injected with placebo instead of mRNA-1273. Among those who were actually vaccinated, only 5 people became infected, which proves the high effectiveness of the vaccine. Among 5 sick vaccinated, none had a severe disease, while in the control group there were 11 severe cases.

Moderna also noted that most of the trial participants survived the vaccination without any noticeable side effects.