OREANDA-NEWS. The effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine, developed by the American company Moderna, in the initial analysis is 94.1 %, and in severe cases 100 %. The research results are published on the company’s website.

More than 30 thousand volunteers participated in the drug trials. 196 people became infected with the coronavirus – these are 185 paricipants who received a placebo, and 11 people who received the vaccine. Thus, the effectiveness of the drug is 94.1 %.

Moderna also assessed how its vaccine works for severe cases of COVID-19. Among the participants in the study, 30 people were ill with a severe form of coronavirus infection. They all were in the group that received a placebo. Among the volunteers who received the vaccine, none of the COVID-19 severely fell ill, which indicates a 100 % effectiveness of the medication in such cases, the company noted. It was also added that the effectiveness of the vaccine is independent of age, race and gender.

Moderna's representatives announced that the company will file an application for use of its vaccine in the United States on November 30.