OREANDA-NEWSUkraine is the main partner country of the foreign trade of Crimea. This state accounts for 50.3% of the export of the Russian region. This was reported on Friday to journalists by the head of the department of the Federal State Statistics Service for Crimea and Sevastopol Olga Baldina.

"The main partner countries for the export of goods: Ukraine - exported 50.3%, Belarus - 23% and Kazakhstan - 10.3%," Baldina said, adding that the data are based on customs statistics for the nine months of 2019. She also said that 28.3% of goods are imported from Ukraine to the Crimea. In general, deliveries to the republic come from 35 countries, including Italy - 17.4%, Belarus - 15.5%, Armenia - 11% and Turkey - 6.2%.

In 2018, Krymstat was informed that the region in the same period of 2017 supplied 30% of its goods to Ukraine, mainly products from the chemical industry, agricultural and engineering industries.