OREANDA-NEWS "During the day, the aircraft of Russia 93 discharges carried out and 929 tons of water dumped to the most difficult areas of ignition," the report said. 

According to the Ministry of Emergencies with reference to the data of the Federal Aviation Protection Agency, on August 7, 453 centers of natural fires continue to operate, 28 of which are localized. 

It is noted that in Yakutia two Be-200ES and two Mi-8 helicopters were involved in extinguishing wild fires. In the Krasnoyarsk Territory two Be-200ES aircraft and two Mi-8 helicopters were involved, in the Irkutsk Region an Il-76 aircraft, two Be-200ES aircraft and a Mi-8 helicopter were used. 

To extinguish wild fires and protect settlements, ground-based airmobile groups in the amount of 696 people and 39 pieces of equipment were involved. In addition, from the Tomsk region to the Krasnoyarsk Territory, an airmobile group advanced to extinguish fires in the five-kilometer zone.