OREANDA-NEWSMore than half of the national delegations present on Wednesday evening in the Council Chamber of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe unanimously supported the confirmation of the powers of Russian lawmakers. This is evidenced by the voting results published on the assembly website.

So, of 33 delegations, 18 unanimously supported colleagues from the Russian Federation: Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Cyprus, Finland, France, Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway, Serbia, Armenia, Azerbaijan. Parliamentarians from San Marino, Greece, Monaco, Andorra and Belgium (one person from each country) were in solidarity with them.

Opinions were divided among the delegations of the Czech Republic, Spain, Moldova, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Great Britain. Mostly, Turkish deputies voted for the ratification of the powers of the Russian parliamentarians. In the Swedish delegation, which spoke out mainly against the possibility of a full-fledged dialogue with the Russian Federation on the PACE platform, only a member of the Swedish Left Party Momoda Malcolm Jallou cast his vote for him. Abstained in the vote of Albania and Denmark.

In general, 96 deputies spoke in support of the resolution on confirmation of the credentials of the Russian delegation, 44 were against, seven abstained.