OREANDA-NEWS. The signing of the 31st Integration Roadmap has been postponed to the next stage of the discussion, two sources familiar with the negotiations told Russian media. In response to a media question, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that all but one of the cards had been agreed, but without its approval, work could begin on other issues. “Of course, it's possible, and it's obvious that work will already be underway”, Peskov said.

At a meeting with reporters on December 23, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced that Moscow and Minsk had agreed on a program of in-depth economic integration, as outlined in the relevant maps. Prior to that, it was known that there were 31 in all. However, according to Medvedev, it will be possible to proceed to the execution of the last card after all the previous ones are completed. It provides for the creation of supranational bodies, a single issuing center and the introduction of a single currency, the prime minister said.

This doesn't coincide with the public position of Minsk, which categorically refused to discuss the creation of supranational structures, although they are provided for in the 1999 agreement on the creation of the Union State, which underlies the current negotiations on deeper integration.