OREANDA-NEWS. According to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow Vladimir Efimov, now in Moscow there are much softer restrictions due to COVID-19, since the tightening of measures in the spring made it possible to create a margin of safety in the healthcare sector.

According to him, the spring restrictions made it possible to bring down the number of cases and form a single material and technical base in the healthcare sector. Despite the fact that the figures for the incidence of covid in spring and autumn are similar, the city has a sufficient margin of safety for the medical system. All this makes it possible not to take harsh measures at the moment.

Vladimir Efimov is confident that the timely adopted support measures helped the business to quickly reach the previous level of turnover. At the same time, unfortunately, there are a number of industries that have not yet returned to the dock-like volumes of revenue. First of all, the areas of entertainment and tourism were the most affected by the pandemic.

It is encouraging that earlier experts from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics calculated when the coronavirus in Russia will decline. Comparing the number of infected and the daily increase in the tests performed, scientists came to the conclusion that the peak will be in early November, after which the number of infections will begin to decrease.