OREANDA-NEWS Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that the Moscow authorities could impose sanctions against enterprises that violate the requirement to transfer some employees to remote work.

He says that people see rather busy movement around the city, there are a lot of people in the metro and other kinds of public transport, traffic jams. Obviously, the recommendations given by the city authorities do not work, Sobyanin said.

He explained that the authorities had decided to request information from enterprises on compliance with the remote mode of work.

“If employers don’t hear us at all, then we will introduce some sanctions,” the mayor of the capital said.

Earlier, the mayor said that from October 5, Moscow companies are required to transfer 30% of their employees to remote work.

The Moscow Mayer reminds that the epidemiological situation in the city remains difficult. He is really worried about it, and, according to him, is going to do all his best to impove the situation. According to the latest data, 295,025 cases of coronavirus were detected in Moscow, 249,861 people were cured, 5,254 died. Over the past day, the headquarters reported 2,424 new cases of infection.