OREANDA-NEWS. A court in Moscow sentenced to 12 years in prison a foreigner who was preparing a terrorist attack in the capital and who was caught trying to involve a resident of the Kaluga region in his activities. This is reported by the FSB for the region.

The case was initiated by the FSB of Russia in the Kaluga region, which found out that a resident of Moscow who does not have Russian citizenship was preparing to "commit a terrorist act on the territory of the capital." He also posted in the messenger materials justifying the militants of the "Islamic State" * and "containing calls for like-minded people to carry out a terrorist attack in Moscow."

The release says that "By the decision of the 2nd Western District Military Court, the accused was found guilty of committing these crimes and sentenced to 12 years in prison, of which 3 years in prison and 9 years in a maximum security penal colony."

The FSB representative explained to RIA Novosti that the convict was trying to "persuade a resident of the Kaluga region to his ideas."

The foreigner was accused, among other things, of preparing for a terrorist attack, recruiting into a terrorist organization and calling for a terrorist attack. The verdict has entered into force, the department informs.