OREANDA-NEWS. According to the publication of the kp.ru, students of the Lomonosov Moscow State University are unhappy with the quality of remote education. Students were transferred to distance lectures and seminars, first during the spring self-isolation, and now, from November 16, they are studying remotely again. The authors of the lawsuit said that by the end of November the collective appeal will be sent to court. The press service of Moscow State University commented on information about a possible lawsuit.

The university administration, in response to this appeal, explained that when speaking about possible measures of social support for students at the university, including the possibility of reducing the cost of training during a pandemic for students enrolled in a contractual form of education, then when considering this issue, it is necessary to take into account that the fact that distance learning is a type of full-time education process.

The students themselves believe that because of the distance they could not have access to the material and technical base of the university, the library and other benefits for which the contract students are listed in the contract. The university recalled that in March 2020, a regime of complete self-isolation began. Moscow State University followed all the instructions, but at the same time took measures to preserve the continuity of the educational process and its standards.

The university press service recalled that long before the pandemic began, distance learning had been tested and successfully introduced into the learning process on the basis of the University Without Borders online education platform developed and launched by Moscow University.

It is not known if the students who filed the lawsuit will receive a tuition discount. To make a final decision on the discount, it will first be necessary to conduct an independent examination of the quality assessment of education.