OREANDA-NEWS The majority of Russians (85%) believe that it is important for Russia to have friendly relations with Ukraine, according to the VTsIOM survey data.

It is noted that 35% of respondents believe that friendly relations with Ukraine are very important for Russia, and 50% of respondents stressed that this is “rather important”. At the same time, 11% of the polled Russians believe that friendship with Ukraine is not important.

A large part of the respondents (61%) stressed that relations between Ukraine and Russia have remained almost unchanged over the past year, and 25% of respondents believe that relations between the two countries only become more tense.

44% of Russians blame the state of Russian-Ukrainian relations on Ukraine, and 39% of respondents blame the deterioration of relations on both sides.

Also, 78% of Russians believe that countries need to improve relations, only 4% of respondents adhere to the opposite opinion.