OREANDA-NEWS. Moscow registry offices offer to postpone the registration of marriage to Muscovites until the situation in the city and in the country improves. The proposal to postpone the wedding date due to the coronavirus COVID-19 has been posted on the official website of the Mayor of Moscow. In addition, there are changes in the regulations of the wedding procedure - the registry offices have limited the number of guests at the wedding ceremony to five people. At the same time, all participants in the wedding must maintain a social distance and use personal protective equipment - masks and gloves.

However, as the acting head of the Moscow Civil Registry Office Svetlana Ukhaneva clarified, the newlyweds themselves can be without masks at the wedding ceremony. But while waiting and checking documents, everyone needs to use personal protective equipment. Also, at the entrance to the registry office or the Wedding Palace, all visitors will be required to measure the temperature. And with an high temperature, as well as without masks and gloves, visitors will not be allowed into the registry office.

Due to the previously adopted restrictions, the reception at the registry office from October 12 takes place only by appointment and previously submitted online applications through a single portal of public services. A visit to the registry office is required only in special cases. These include legal grounds on which the waiting period for registration is reduced, or if one of the newlyweds is a foreign citizen.